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Check out the Shire Dude Vlog for daily updates from Shire Dude, a freelance videographer who moved to Manchester, New Hampshire for the Free State Project.

"Shire Dude has done some excellent reporting on some state house bullshit. "
-Ian Freeman

"I heard the origin of Shire Dude's aversion to cheese was because his parents beat him with a brick of cheddar because he was not a gouda boy. "
-Daniel L. Travieso

"Shire Dude keeps me young. "

"Don't let Shire Dude brand you... You'll never be the same!"
-Brown Dude

"The best directors of all time: Welles, Kurosawa, Kubrick, Spielberg, Shire Dude. "

"Shire Dude has be secretly stealing video and extorting the rightful video owners. "
-Stop Shire Dude

"Shire Dude suffers for our sins against liberty. "
-Martyr Shire Dude

"[Shire Dude] and a few other hooligans held me down, singing MacArthur Park (way out of tune, mind you) over and over until I begged for mercy. They then forced me to swallow a live goldfish (to be fair, it might have been a goldfish cracker--hard to tell in my state of panic)."

"I'm convinced now more than ever that this 'Shire Dude' is a corruptive influence on the [Free State Project]."
-Rob Freebeard

"no [Shire Dude] you are not a snowflake
you are not special
you are not unique
now go take your ritalin"

"Yeah, I do assume [Shire Dude gets] paid for it. All you leftists on the Soros payroll."
-Eric Dondero

"I ♥ Shire Dude."
-Selfie the Outlaw

"I kept trying to get Daisy to say "Hi Shire Dude!" but she was too scared aka 'shy'. She's very perceptive. I think this is the final proof that Shire Dude MUST BE STOPPED! For the children!"

"I watched this all. I liked it. I still don't know what 'shire dude' is though."
-Creamy D

Welcome, dude!

This is Shire Dude's playground.
May your quest be fruitful.