About the Dude

Andrew Vermiglio made his first major appearance into the liberty community by starting the Orange County chapter of Liberty on the Rocks.  Enamored with the
Free State Project, Vermiglio
 drove from California to Manchester, New Hampshire in May of 2014.  He became Shire Dude upon arriving to his new home.

Shire Dude is a freelance agorist who helps individuals and organizations film, edit and produce video content. He has been editing and filming projects since 2005, and he accepts bitcoin for his services.  The Dude also has a powerful voice that has been requested for use in ad campaigns.

​During a mystical journey at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, the Dude became Shaman of the Shire Dude Church, an interfaith organization of dudes who disagree with institutionalized coercion, who abide by rugged individualism and who regard karaoke as a high form of spiritual healing.

 2014 Copying is an act of love.  Please copy and  share.​